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TV For Everybody

Watch your favorite TV shows, got channels and
packages available for your whole family. TV Direct Cable

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Experience Thundering Fast Internet

Seamless upload and download speed that supports your present and future lifestyle needs including
multi-device streaming TV, gaming, moving large volumes of data and connecting an entire smart home system.

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Home Phone

With voice service you can make Unlimited Nationwide, long distance calls. 411 calls absolutely Free. No hidden charges or extra cost. you can enjoy 25+ popular calling features. Make calls to U.S, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Individual Features

  • Answer Machine

    Think of this as your personal answering service. Whenever your line is busy or you are away from the phone, callers can simply leave a message. The phone will alert you about new voice messages by using a stutter dial tone.

  • Call Waiting

    Don’t miss incoming calls while you are using the phone. The Call Waiting feature of Voice will indicate another incoming call with a soft beep.

  • See Who's Calling

    Voice displays the caller’s name and phone number on your phone unit’s display.

  • Call Waiting with Caller ID

    The Caller ID feature works with Call Waiting. Voice lets you check whose call is waiting on the line and lets you decide whether you will take the call or not.

  • Call Forwarding

    Forward all incoming calls to another number so you don’t end up missing any important calls when you are away from home.

  • Selective Call Options

    Activate call forwarding only for specific groups of contacts.

  • Calls Blocking

    Automatically reject incoming calls from people who choose to hide Caller ID functions. The anonymous caller will receive a message informing them that your number is programmed to reject Caller ID blocked calls and they should unblock their number and try again.

  • No Unwanted Callers

    Block unwelcome calls by rerouting designated numbers. The blocked caller will hear a polite short message stating that you are not receiving calls at the moment.

  • Custom Ringing

    Assign a unique ringtone to a specific number to identify the call without needing Caller ID.

  • Speed Dial

    Program up to eight different numbers into your phone unit and call your favorite contacts with one-touch dialing.

  • Accept Selected Callers

    Only accept incoming calls from a pre-selected set of contacts. All other callers will hear a short message informing them that you are not receiving calls at the moment.

  • 3-Way Calling

    Speak to two callers at the same time with the Voice crystal clear 3-Way Calling. You can also place one of the active parties on hold to speak privately and later on resume the 3-way call.

  • Repeat Dialing*

    Automatically redial a busy number until the call gets through. You will receive a notification when the call is successfully patched through the network.
    *Please note this is a pay-per-use feature. Each usage event costs 90 cents and your monthly limit for Repeat Dialing is $9/month.

  • Voice Manager

    Manage your home phone on the go as well as at home with the Voice Manager. This feature is available to all Voice customers absolutely free.

  • Listen and Read Voicemail

    Receive an audio file and full-text transcription of any voicemail messages via email.


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If you have multiple cable companies in your area?

The number of options available to you for cable TV might surprise you — and that’s why we’re here.
TV Direct Cable helps you find all your TV options.
When people refer to “Cable TV,” they are usually thinking of all of the possible subscription TV service available. That is why you will find a variety of TV provider types and solutions with TV Direct Cable. Our list includes satellite providers like Viasat and DIRECTV; traditional cable companies like Cox and Xfinity; and wired providers like Verizon, AT&T®, and Frontier. Then there is the issue regarding availability since not all providers are available in every area. TV Direct Cable created the search feature for you; so, start your search to see which providers are available where you live or where you are moving.

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Internet top tips

  • Use our broadband postcode checker to find out which providers and packages are available where you live.
  • Think carefully about your needs before you compare broadband deals.
  • Try to get a faster broadband package if you’ll be sharing your broadband with family or housemates.
  • Be realistic about your online habits to help you choose the right usage allowance.
  • Uploads as well as downloads count towards your monthly usage allowance.
  • If you cancel a broadband package before the end of the minimum term you might have to pay a surcharge.
  • Consider a bundle of broadband with TV or calls as it may help you to save money.

Are discounts for bundling with any providers available?

Some providers have both Internet and TV available as bundles. Other providers sell Internet only or TV only. If companies that offer only one service, then they will typically partner with internet-only or TV-only or counterparts thus complimenting and completing the service package they provide. For instance, DSL and be paired with satellite TV or fiber internet to save you time and money.

We have created this comparison tool with you in mind, for you to look at all combinations which are available in your area or the area to which you are moving.

In addition to what you will save when you are bundling, think of the savings on your time by getting all your home services via one provider. Manage all of your services with one monthly statement.

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